In May of 2017, the inevitable finally happened. I witnessed my father take his last breath on a mattress we set up for him on his bedroom floor. He was 75. …

This was originally written as an open letter to the producers of Biohack the World.

My dear co-producers,

As I’m preparing to write the next mailer (and future mailers), I want to impart to you my disposition as a technologist and futurist with regard to recent events and the current…

Maintaining Peak Performance in Self-Isolation

I have a confession to make: working from home has made me a chronic sitter. I find myself sitting in a chair at my computer writing or coding for hours at a time, all day and almost all night. Nevermind that my Fitbit is buzzing…

David J Choi

I’m the Executive Producer and host of Biohack the World, a live biohacking show based in NYC. I’m a technologist, entrepreneur, public speaker, and actor.

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